FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Subject: biology

Christian Views of Creation

When debating questions of origins, can we identify areas where Christians agree? What are areas of disagreement? How can we promote love in the midst of disagreements?

Ethics and the Human Body

How do we view our bodies scientifically and through the eyes of faith? How does each perspective relate to our ethical choices?

Labs and Community

How can students collaborate and foster community in the science lab? What virtues can be learned while exploring science together?

Motives, Virtues, and Science: The Story of DNA

How does learning about DNA structure provide an opportunity to integrate history, ethics, and the nature of science? What motivates people to do science?

Stewardship, Science, and Faith

How are science, ethics, and faith connected with concrete environmental concerns? What is the biblical basis for practicing stewardship? How might stewardship impact our relationships?

Water, Ecology, and Neighbors

How might water & the call to love one’s neighbor connect with science learning? Can we expand our thinking on ecology to consider our responsibility to others?