FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Subject: school context

Engaging Parents and the Wider Community

How can we involve parents and the wider community as we learn about science and faith? How does faith and science learning impact our relationships?


How can we use homework to strengthen relationships, make creative connections, promote virtue, and deepen learning about faith and science?

Science and the Internet

How can students become wise consumers of internet information about faith and science? What discernment skills are necessary as students navigate the online ocean of claims & counterclaims?

Stewardship, Science, and Faith

How are science, ethics, and faith connected with concrete environmental concerns? What is the biblical basis for practicing stewardship? How might stewardship impact our relationships?

Water, Ecology, and Neighbors

How might water & the call to love one’s neighbor connect with science learning? Can we expand our thinking on ecology to consider our responsibility to others?