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Book Reviews

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After You Believe

Why Christian Character Matters

by: N. T. Wright

Review by Dianne VanRooyen

Why should Christians be concerned about character, virtues, and habits?

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The Bible Among the Myths

Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature?

by: John N. Oswalt

Review by Vic Minish

What does the Bible say in comparison to ancient creation myths and stories?

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Coming to Peace with Science

Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology

by: Darrel R. Falk

Review by Denae O'Neil

How does a Christian scientist engage scientific theories and faith?

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Creation and the Persistence of Evil

The Jewish Drama of Divine Omnipotence

by: Jon Douglas Levenson

Review by Ben Tameling

How do creation narratives in the Old Testament offer insight into the dynamic of God and evil?

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The Double Helix

A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA

by: James D. Watson

Review by Nate Adema

What is Jim Watson’s side of the story on uncovering the structure of DNA?

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Emerging Adulthood and Faith

by: Jonathan P. Hill

Review by Kara Kits

What is the current state of young adults in the Church, and how do they interact with issues of faith?

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The Evolution of Adam

What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say About Human Origins

by: Peter Enns

Review by Vic Minish

How should Genesis be read, and what is the connection among Adam, Israel, and Christ?

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Four Views on the Historical Adam

by: Denis O. Lamoureux, John H. Walton, C. John Collins, William D. Barrick, Gregory A. Boyd, Philip G. Ryken

Review by Mark T. Witwer

What are the differing stances on the historicity of Adam and their implications?

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From Nature to Creation

A Christian Vision for Understanding and Loving Our World

by: Norman Wirzba

Review by Kristin Visser

How does coupling knowledge of the world with delight, attentiveness, and care for God’s creation affect the way we act?

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Galileo Goes to Jail

And Other Myths about Science and Religion

by: Ronald L. Numbers

Review by Denae O’Neil

How do multiple authors debunk twenty-five common myths in the assumed battle between faith versus science?

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God and the New Atheism

A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens

by: John F. Haught

Review by Ben Tameling

How strong are the arguments of the “New Atheists” with regard to science and faith?

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God in the Lab

How Science Enhances Faith

by: Ruth Bancewicz

Review by Dianne Van Rooyen

Can the work done in science labs foster a sense of imagination, wonder, and beauty, and enhance faith?

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The Language of Science and Faith

Straight Answers to Genuine Questions

by: Karl W. Giberson, Francis S. Collins

Review by Michael Gulker

How can science and faith coexist?

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The Lost World of Adam and Eve

Genesis 2-3 and the Human Origins Debate

by: John H. Walton

Review by Mark T. Witwer

What is the focus of the creation account in Genesis?

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Mapping the Origins Debate

Six Models of the Beginning of Everything

by: Gerald Rau

Review by Lori D. Wilson

What is involved in the various theories regarding the origins of the universe?

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Physics of the Future

How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100

by: Michio Kaku

Review by Brian Polk

How will current scientific and technological developments impact society?

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Religion and Innovation

Antagonists or Partners?

by: Donald A. Yerxa

Review by Erica Bolin

What has been the  interaction between religion and innovation, and how should faith grapple with upcoming innovations?

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Science & Theology

An Introduction

by: J. C. Polkinghorne

Review by Erica Bolin

How should we understand the intersection of scientific discoveries and theology?

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Science in Action

How to Follow Scientists and Engineers Through Society

by: Bruno Latour

Review by John Wright

How do scientists interact with others within various networks, and how does this affect their work?

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The Science of God

The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom

by: Gerald L. Schroeder

Review by DuWayne Worthington

What are some overlaps between modern scientific beliefs and the Old Testament narrative?

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Science vs. Religion

What Scientists Really Think

by: Elaine Howard Ecklund

Review by Brian Polk

What do surveys and interviews with leading scientists in their fields say on the issue of faith versus science?

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Song of a Scientist

The Harmony of a God-Soaked Creation

by: Calvin B. DeWitt

Review by Nate Adema

How does one scientist praise, care for, and think of creation?

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The Territories of Science and Religion

by: Peter Harrison

Review by James K.A. Smith

What is the history behind the concepts of “science” and “religion”?

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The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution

by: C. P. Snow

Review by Kristin Visser

Why should the sciences and humanities be in communication?

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