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Training Materials: FASTly Training Overview

FASTly Training Overview

The idea of teaching FASTly quite intentionally challenges familiar categories:

  • It sets out to make cross-curricular connections between science class and Bible class while respecting the focus of each.
  • It seeks to show how connecting faith and science education can be richer and more complex than just occasionally addressing controversial faith and science topics.
  • It encourages both science and Bible teachers to think about how reflecting on faith and embracing Christian virtues can be addressed pedagogically in both the science and the Bible classroom.
  • It aims to move beyond the common assumption of tension between faith and science to a more fruitful interaction that honors both.

The teachFASTly website includes a wealth of practical activities that teachers can begin to try out and adapt in their own classrooms, all at no cost. It is easier to dive in and find things to use, but because teaching FASTly is about a whole way of approaching faith and science teaching, it is possible to miss the forest for the trees. These training activities are designed as an introduction to the FASTly resources. They are for use by groups of teachers wanting to understand how to get the most out of them. As long as they are not changed, they may be freely used:

  • as part of a staff training day or area event
  • for departmental discussions across a semester
  • for sharing with groups outside the school, such as parents or youth leaders, to help build bridges and explain the school’s educational goals

In these training resources you will find everything you need to quickly and easily organize a training session about the FASTly resources and the thinking behind them, including presentation resources with scripts, handouts, and group activities with instructions.

Use the links below to download a complete leader script for each training session. Downloadable handouts and presentation slides are linked from the relevant activities.

Session 1: Introduction to Seeing FASTly

Session 2: Introduction to Thinking FASTly

Session 3: Introduction to Teaching FASTly