FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Training Materials: Training Session 1: Introduction to Seeing FASTly

Training Session 1: Introduction to Seeing FASTly

: 45 Minutes

This 45-minute session is intended as a first introduction to the teachFASTly resources. It is designed to introduce participants to the approach to teaching about faith and science embodied in the resources. It engages participants in group reflection on the idea of expanding the range of connections between faith and science teaching. It includes presentation slides (Introduction to Seeing FASTly), a script and session outline to use with them, and two group activities with accompanying handouts (What Is FASTlyTwo Teachers, and Only Photosynthesis). You can shorten the session to 35 minutes by skipping Activity 1.2; if you do shorten the session, make sure participants still receive What Is Teaching FASTly.


  • Participants will understand the basic goals and focus of the teachFASTly resources.
  • Participants will see the potential for multiple kinds of connections between faith and science.
  • Participants will understand what kind of resources are provided at

Preparing the Session

Before leading this session, it is strongly recommended that you read at least the following pages from (they are not long):

Teaching FASTly?

Seeing, Engaging, Reshaping

Discovering Multiple Intersections

The more of the short articles in the Insights section of the site you can read before the session the better, as they will broaden your understanding of the thinking behind the resources. The three linked above are a minimal starting point; they explain the key concepts informing the site. You should also have browsed at least a good selection of the FASTly teaching activities – different Activity Maps have different emphases and strategies, so avoid basing your sense of the site only on quick impressions.