FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Training Materials: Training Session 2: Introduction to Thinking FASTly

Aspects of Faith and Teaching

: 20 Minutes

Show slide 9 of Introduction to thinking FASTly. Explain to participants that this activity looks at how the teachFASTly resources make connections between faith and teaching about science. Note that it is sometimes assumed that these connections only happen if we are explicitly talking about faith concepts, but that the teachFASTly resources include a broader set of connections.

Organize participants into groups of three. If the numbers don’t work, some groups of two or four are fine). It would be ideal, but not essential, to have both science teachers and Bible teachers in each group.

Show slide 10, which shows an image of the handout. Give each group a copy of the first page of Aspects of Faith and Teaching and also a set of the cards from the second page. Cut these up ahead of time and clip to the first page or provide an envelope. Explain that the circles on the sheet show a range of themes that are important values for Christian faith, and that each card offers a brief summary of a teaching activity. Emphasize that these are just sample activities. 

Ask groups to take each card, read it, and decide which aspect of faith it best fits with from those listed on the sheet. They should then place the card on the appropriate circle. If the card is folded in half like a greetings card it is easy to stand it on the circle and leave room for other cards.

Once participants have completed this step, conduct a whole group discussion that includes the following questions:

  • Do these activities only connect to one aspect of faith or might they make multiple connections?
  • Which combinations were new ideas or connections to you?
  • Which of these connections do you already make regularly in your classroom?
  • Is there a new connection here that you could use more often in your classroom?
  • The whole collection of teachFASTly resources includes multiple activities that connect to all of these aspects of faith. Which connections did you not make during this exercise? Can you think of a teaching activity that might connect to one of those remaining circles?

Finally, reiterate that is about making rich and varied connections between faith and science within our teaching. The goal is not to answer all questions, but to show possibilities for exploration. Show slides 11 and 12 or use a live demonstration of to show participants:

  • The activities on the site can be browsed not only by subject area, but by the kind of connection to faith that they foreground.
  • There are short supporting essays in the Insights section that explain how each faith aspect fits into the whole. Invite participants to explore the site further at their leisure.