FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Part 3: Big Questions


3. Hermeneutics

Biblical Passages

The goal of this topic is to engage students in a discussion of biblical passages in the context of hermeneutical care.

You may choose for consideration several biblical passages that have a bearing on your applied scientific theme. The majority of this session will be spent reading these biblical passages in light of the discussion of hermeneutics in the previous class. Each student will read every biblical passage.

Our pilot school’s topic was human genetic modification. Related passages include Genesis 16-17, Psalm 138, and John 9. These passages raise themes that might push in different directions, such as God’s knowledge of us before our existence begins versus God’s willingness to see things change because of compassion.

Consider this type of diversity of relevant themes when you choose passages, in order to avoid reinforcing an answer that is too hasty or simplistic.

End the class session with a journaling activity. Ask students to reflect on whether the passages they just read can be thought of as having a bearing on the applied science issue they discussed.

For homework, ask students first to revisit their written responses to this question from Introducing the Theme: “What are the ethical, philosophical, or theological implications of this scientific development?” Then ask them to reflect on whether anything should be reformulated in light of their work in this current session.

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