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Part 4: Water Ecology and Ethics


1. Shalom

The Shalom Matrix

The goal for today’s lesson is for students to leave class with the ability to draw the concept of the Shalom Matrix and begin applying it to their learning activities.

Follow the String introduces a basic concept of ecological science through a physical representation of how ecosystems are interrelated. Interconnectedness and care are highlighted, helping students see the environment as a whole in which actions can have indirect consequences.

Next, referring back to the Chemistry and Shalom activity from Evaluating Pitfalls and Solutions at the end of Part 3: Big Questions, you can display the Shalom Matrix from Slide 2 of the Chemistry and Shalom slides.

Ask your students to draw this matrix on a blank sheet of paper and annotate it with comments on Follow the String. How many connections can they identify between the activity and the matrix?

For the debrief, invite students to make connections to other activities earlier in the semester or even in other science classes. You can use this discussion to get students thinking in practical terms about activities and ideas that are connected across their learning experiences.

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