FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Part 2: Models & Methods of Investigation


3. Investigations

Motives (First Lab)

The goal is to conduct an extended, inquiry-based lab on a topic of your choice.

Framing activity: Why Do Science? aims to engage students in thinking critically about:

  • Why do we do science?
  • Why do people enjoy science?
  • How should science be done?
  • What are the limitations of science?

In-class reflection: Look for moments when groups of students are particularly engaged. When they reach a natural stopping point, involve them in brief conversation about what drew them into the work:

  • Were they enjoying collaboration?
  • Were they feeling some sense of fascination or wonder?
  • Were they intrigued by the complexity of something?
  • Was it something else?

Journal prompt: Have students reflect on the lab work from the week:

  • When was the work most absorbing?
  • When were you motivated to continue the process of inquiry?
  • Were you aware of your motivations? What were they?
  • What was drawing you to the activity?

Debrief: Choose between Closing Questions or The World Before Our Eyes to encourage students to reflect back on the whole lab. If there is time, you might do both.

Consider repeating the same debrief activity each week, to build a habit of reflection.

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