FASTLY - Faith & Science Teaching

Part 4: Water Ecology and Ethics


3. Hope

Assessment Day

The goal for this class session is to consider the course’s impact on student thinking, by having students and teachers compare their thinking from the beginning of the course to the end, identifying any shifts in perspective or significant areas of impact.

It can be useful to start with a review of the topics explored in the course. Rather than just handing out a list of what was covered, invite students as a group to recollect and assemble the topics together.

Next, revisit Identifying Assumptions, which students did at the beginning of the course. Have students changed their thinking since the start of the course about any of the assumptions listed in that activity?

Now consider repeating Chemical or Not? from earlier in the course, comparing students’ results with the photos taken during the first time students completed this activity. How has student thinking changed?

Close this session by asking students to identify areas of their own thinking that they wish to continue developing. It may be helpful to frame this question using the course’s individual topics.

Whether in class or as homework, ask students to write a final journal entry on areas of their thinking that they wish to continue developing.

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