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Part 4: Water Ecology and Ethics


1. Shalom

Shalom and Bodies

This lesson’s goal is to extend students’ sense of the relevance of the Shalom Matrix by relating it to different topics.

The activity Bodies and Callings focuses on Micah 6:8, which offers a concise and powerful statement of the human calling before God: “What does the Lord require? Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with God.” Students are asked to think about how knowing more about anatomy and physiology relates to this calling. This activity helps students uncover the interrelationship of faith, ethics, and science.

Next, Burning Water helps students see that water purity is impossible to gauge with the naked eye and that scientific tools are necessary for evaluating water purity. It points to the connection between scientific investigation and care for others and the natural world.

After you work through both activities, ask students to draw a fresh copy of the Shalom Matrix on a blank sheet of paper and make notes on what the two activities have to do with the matrix and with each other (again, the Shalom Matrix can be found on Slide 2 of the Chemistry and Shalom slides).

In debriefing this lesson, focus on whether students made any new connections. Discuss how Micah 6:8 maps onto the Shalom Matrix and what it has to do with the Burning Water activity.

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